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Whether or not they will admit it to you, many contractors have more free time now than ever before. Obviously it's because we (past tense for me) aren't as busy.

During the final year of my subcontracting business I had quite a bit of free time. I was starting Blue Collar Coaching at the time but it was slow going as I was trying to find myself in this new business venture idea.

During 2008, 2009 and 2010 I was reading about a book a month. Just right for a simple minded fellow like myself. Any more than that and my comprehension would likely plummet anyway.

Back in January of this year I closed my subcontracting company and went back to work for someone else. My spare time took a major hit. Now I was forced to work full time, 8-5 usually, and try to keep the coaching thing moving forward.

I had come to a real impasse with my schedule. Where do I cut back and still be able to keep the coaching thing alive? Well, sometimes your schedule and busyness will decide for you and my book reading time has shrunk to nothing. I haven't touched a book in probably 2-3 months. I'll make my apology to Ryan Ash right here because we are supposed to be doing a show based on a book and that is the last book I've touched.

I find reading blogs and reading a book to be quite different. You can catch a 350-500 word blog post in a couple of minutes but a book....that's an hour commitment for me. I get a lot done in my coaching business during that hour every day. I've got a really big webinar I'm building and clients to take care of. The webinar is going to be every bit of 6 weeks (an hour a week) long.

I don't have time to read books right now, I'm too busy creating art of my own.


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