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Howdy folks and welcome to another edition of Tuesday Tech Talk. Quite a few interesting stories this week so let's see what's going on in the world of tech outside of Apple and Google.

Discounted Kindle

Amazon has released an ad supported WiFi-only Kindle that is selling for $114. That of course is $25 cheaper than the $139 model. Personally, I would rather spend the extra $25 and avoid the ads.

RIP, Flip Video

Cisco last week pulled the plug on its Flip Video mini video cameras. I'm not surprised by this, I don't think Cisco knew how to properly market a video camera in the age of iPhone and Android devices that offer similar specs. Course one could argue that Cisco had no business buying Flip in the first place. I would agree and I think there is one thing Cisco does network devices and quite frankly they should just stick with that.

T-Mobile's Unlimited Data at Limited Speed Plan

T-Mobile announced a new "even more" unlimited 4G data plan for $80 a month. There is one catch though, once you surpass the 2GB threshold, your speed will be throttled back until the next billing cycle. Basically this is like driving a Ferrari at or below the speed limit. A Ferrari is meant to do one really, really fast and break all speed limits. Try again T-Mobile!

White House Pushes Plan for Secure Internet ID's

The Obama Administration has unveiled its plan for a national internet ... that they say will be voluntary. This video explains the program better than I could in this space.

eBook sales Triple, Paper Books Decline

It sure looks like the age of the eBook's are here to stay. Sales of them tripled in February over the same period last year. A lot of that helped by the iPad which in February of last year, did not exist yet to the consumer. At the same time, paper books saw a sharp decline in sales. Course with news of Borders closing stores, this is not a big surprise. I haven't been to a Barnes & Noble store in quite a while, instead I visiting the Kindle store online for my reading on my iPad.

Paul Allen: Working with Bill Gates, Like Being in Hell

Paul Allen has a new book out and he doesn't hold back with regard to Bill Gates saying, "working wit... He also appeared on 60 Minutes on Sunday as part of his book promotion. WOW! So glad Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, have a friendlier relationship.

Well, that is going to do it for this edition of Tuesday Tech Talk. See you all next week for another installment of tech news.

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