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A lot of people will try to tell you that you should get away from trading time for money. Frankly, I find this kind of talk annoying.

No matter who you are, you do trade time for money. Some just trade at different rates than others. The goal is to trade at the best rate you can.

I hope this post can help you understand something about your pricing that will help you trade at a higher rate.

You need to understand that your bid is not the finish line for your project.  That is what has become known as the race to the bottom. No, that's not a race you want to take part in, because you might win. Many times the customer [thinks] they want you to run this race but they are wrong. They are likely to ended up with a frustrated service provider, one who will quit, at least emotionally, at some point before the project is complete.

Our price has become such a heavy focus that it's easy to turn it into the whole focus of the project. So we end up with this idea that our bid is some kind of beautiful unveiling of a masterpiece. It's like you expect the clouds to part and the miracle that is your bid to spring to life right in from of the customer. Overwhelmed by your obvious genius the customer graciously awards you with their project, amazed at your bidding prowess. In all reality this type of bidding mind set ends with the customer asking for a cash discount after you have crunched numbers (and your brain) for the last 4 hours.

Your pricing is the starting point, not the finish line. It's your job to push your customer past their pricing concerns towards the value of the work you are doing. From the time you walk in the door till the time you leave it's your job to cause your value to rise through some strategic behaviors.

1. Act glad to be there
You would be surprised how much you can raise your value by just being happy. I've ran into countless contractors who have a constant scowl across their face. They let the frustrations of the last phone call spill into their current interactions.

2. Be on time
You're not the cable guy. Consumers are tired of being treated like their time isn't valuable. Get a GPS and never be late again.

3. Be there
We live such distracted lives. Turn off your cell phone, relax, and 'be' where you are.

4. Check out the podcast I did with Chris Repp
In Episode 43 of the Blue Collar Business Podcast Chris went over a list of things he does to help show his customers how much he appreciates their time and attention. You should check it out.

It's time for you to join a different race. Join the race to be the best, there's actually less quality competition there, it's so much harder.


Pricing your products and services should be one of the simplest parts of your day. Consider taking our 4hr class and creating a bidding system you can actually be confident in.

Maximum Profit Through Confident Pricing - Learn at your own pace!

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