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April Babies

I published this on my personal blog but wanted to share it here as well.

This wasn't the normal kind of crying I have ever experienced while watching a movie.

Yesterday afternoon Julie and I sat down with our two oldest daughters to watch October Baby.

Julie, Lydia and Jessica went to watch it in the theater last fall and loved it. I knew I would enjoy it as well, but I was not prepared for how…


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Why I quit reading books

Whether or not they will admit it to you, many contractors have more free time now than ever before. Obviously it's because we (past tense for me) aren't as busy.

During the final year of my subcontracting business I had quite a bit of free time. I was starting Blue Collar Coaching at the time but it was slow going as I was trying to find…


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Let's Race!

A lot of people will try to tell you that you should get away from trading time for money. Frankly, I find this kind of talk annoying.

No matter who you are, you do trade time for money. Some just trade at different rates than others. The goal is to trade at the best rate you can.

I hope this post can help you understand something about your pricing that will… Continue

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Where Do I Get My Ideas From?

 Seven years ago I embarked on a great adventure. I didn't put a lot of thought into it. I didn't plan, at all. I did what so many others do every day. I knew something about a specific product (cabinets and counter tops) and I decided it was time to start a business around those products.

When I start on a new idea I don't tend to put too much thought into it. I assume it will just work out on its… Continue

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Learn To Foretell The Future

Commandment 7 of Rabbi Daniel Lapin's book Thou Shall Prosper is "Learn To Foretell The Future". Daniel believes this is a very important rule when it comes to wealth creation. Obviously Mr. Lapin isn't telling us we need to do this by mystical application.

Telling the future can be accomplished in many ways. Learning from your own or others' mistakes is step one. Get involved in a… Continue

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Stop The World And Let Me Get Off!

I'm starting to feel old. Days go by faster than I ever remember. Routine has become the name of the game. Up at 6:30, breakfast (never), run the two oldest out the door and get them delivered to school by 7:30-ish. Drive to work, always 5 minutes late, you know, traffic and all.

Put in an 8.5hr day, leave around 4:30, brave the traffic of Kansas City, arrive in the glorious city of Oak Grove around 5:00pm.

Sports, school functions (4 kids worth),…

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What are you carrying?

Divorce - Climbed Mt Everest - Foreclosure - Suicide - Wedding - Funeral - Lottery Winner - Car Accident - Infertility - Large Family - Small Family - No Family - Debt - Anger - Happiness - Wealthy - Starvation - Incarceration - Success - Failure - Miracles - Dying Child - Paralyzed - Blind - Celebrity - Pro Athlete

We all make lists, don't we? When we make our list we like to focus on the negative things, the stuff we wish would go away. When we make a list… Continue

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Grow'n or Die'n

"You're either grow'n or die'n."

He was talking business when he said it.

My very first experience in business administration was working for a small company that was a print broker to Sonic Drive-In restaurants. I did layout and design as well as most client interaction including order taking and follow up. We were not a large company but the man who ran the… Continue

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It's not your money

So, you landed a big job and you collected a handsome deposit. You're happy. You feel accomplished. Someone handed you some cash.

I'm not impressed. In the eyes of your customer they just made an investment in you, not your product. This money is them saying, "Hey, I believe you and I believe in…


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What is Legacy - Let's BlogOff

I'm a faith filled person. I believe in healing, long life and making a positive difference in the lives of others. No matter how great of a life you live everyone eventually ends up pushing daisies. As a famous minister said lately, "You don't see any of the first century people Jesus…


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Quit Trying To Get Noticed And Serve


Please forgive me as I take a week and write a blog for my friends who are trying to build (at least partially) online businesses.

When first starting your online business it's so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the need to follow those who are successful with their online companies. You hear, or read, their stories and jump on the…


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What Makes A Good Story - Let's Blog Off

We all love a good story. The good guy, the bad guy, the damsel in distress. Will they fall in love, or not. Is he reunited with his family?

Can we all agree on what makes a good ending? My wife and I sure can't. I like stories that don't really end. We saw "Inception" last year and I loved the…


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Find your spot and own it!

1. There is always someone not as far along as you

2. There is always someone further along than you

3. Be the best at where YOU are

4. Lift those higher who are not as far along as you

5. Learn from those who are further along than you

6. Never be ashamed of where YOU…


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Read It Again, George!

If you have listened to My Story you know that back in March of '08 I got this genius idea (okay it wasn't even my idea sad to say) to start reading books again. You almost can't even use the word again because I started reading self-help AND…


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Change Your Stars?

One of my favorite things to do is watch motivational type movies and think about how they apply to business.

We just watched A Knight's Tail again the other night and I love the motivational part of this movie.

It's about taking what opportunities are presented to you and using them to change the direction of… Continue

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Should Do vs Must Do

I was on the phone with Ryan Brewer yesterday and we were talking about all the ideas we had in our heads and how we were struggling with moving forward on many of them.

I mentioned that I had just purchased a dry erase board and was going to start using that for my 'to do' list. As you can see from the image I broke my list…


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