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iOS users: 


What's your go to Twitter client? What criteria are you judging by? 

Looks, usability, lists, scheduling, power tools, etc.


I've finally found my go to client after the longtime app Osfoora started sliding into defunctness. 

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I just use the official Twitter app. It works just fine for me. I haven't been brave and checked out others.

I am a hootsuite user. I like being able to update Facebook at the same time. I also like being able to schedule stuff.


I love the way I can manage lists with hootsuite as well.


I have used the official twitter app but I cannot update facebook with it.

I use hootsuite for all the same reasons.


But I do have Tweetdeck and the Official Twitter app as back ups.

I forgot to mention that I will be sharing my choice after trying out about 10-15 clients, both paid and unpaid, on this weeks show. Although, if you look at my Twitter stream, you'll be able to tell what it says I am using. :)
Was a fan of Tweetie so I have stuck with the offical Twitter client. It is simple, easy to use, and solid. Although I don't like the trending now section. I don't think it reflects trends accurately.
What do you think of it having the "quote tweet" vs. the old school RT as an option?
I like it so I can add to the discussion.
I know I'm in the minority, but I use Echofon.

Echofon is pretty good. I like the fact that it can sync with the desktop and iPad app. 

I think I've tried about every twitter app available under iOS including Osfora, Twitterbot.  At this point I am using the official Twitter App more and more.

I just started using TwitterBot last night and REALLY LIKE IT.


Three things.

1) I can't figure out how to mute services, though I see it as an option.


2) When i click on a tweet, it drops down a little menu with some options for me.  I like that.  But by golly, when I choose one, why the heck wont it close it for me?  It just leaves it hanging open.


3) When someone does an "official twitter retweet" it shows me clearly that this is a retweet from a user I am following.  However, I can FIND NO WAY AT ALL, from that listed retweet, to get to the profile of the user who retweeted it so that I can unfollow them.  It would seem my only option is to memorize the Twitter ID, go search for their profile and then unfollow.   Is there an easier way?

1. To mute a person, or hashtag, press and hold their avatar, and hit mute and the mute options will come up. This will also include the unfollow option. 


2. It does leave the menu hanging open. It doesn't bother me because I either tap again to close it, choose another option from the menu, or continue by swiping down to read more tweets, and open a new menu later if I need it. 


3. I don't see a way to shut off the official retweets. I've sent a note to tapbots about it, and hopefully they add that in. The quickest way to see the "offenders" account is to hit the search button, type their username and it will take you their. Or, tap the tweet, then tap the eyeball, then Retweets, and the person who retweeted it will show up in the list, and you will have access to their account. 



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