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I got an invitation from a friend to join the "online community" Netlog. I hadn't heard of it. I'm curious, has anyone used it? She lives in Denmark, and perhaps it's bigger there than in other places (or perhaps I'm just not very up to date :)).

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It's based in Belgium, and I have not heard of it until now. Perhaps our resident Belgium expert can shed some light on it, Winnie?

I am the resident Belgium expert? Lol


I have heard of Netlog, and even know where its headquarters are! I've never used it personally, but I know it's quite popular among the high schoolers in Belgium (and, I think, the Netherlands).

Hi Winnie, do you live in Belgium? Nice to meet another European. :) Thanks to both of you for your answers.


They write on their site "78 million young people", which would fit with the high schoolers. My contact is over four-o though ..


(Here in Germany Xing is quite popular. It's kind of professional, but maybe a little bit more laid back than LinkedIn. Perhaps a bit more for small business people than "professionals".)

I have never heard of it.  Judging by the home page, it looks like it's trying to appeal to the MySpace crowd.



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