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This is Google's new social platform, very similar to Facebook, but not quite Facebook. Yes it's still in beta/alpha, whatever and you need an invite to get it. I am assuming at least some of you are in, so let's talk. What do you think about Google+? 


I like it so far. I love the design. Much cleaner and smoother than Facebook, which seems to be loaded down with a lot of stuff right now. I like the fact that you are forced to put people into particular circles or groups right at the outset, unlike Facebook where everyone is in one big bucket. 


It's still very early in the game and the service will change and grow. I assume they will wrap in more tightly other Google services like Picassa is already connected via photos in Google +. 


What are your impressions, even from the outside looking in. Are you the least bit interested?

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Anybody have an invite for me?
I do, what is ur email

I would like an invite if possible. thanks


Done !

Thank you



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