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I got to see a screening on the movie on Monday and really enjoyed the movie. There are several points in the movie that will not make sense if you have not read the book. There are also things that they have changed from the book. One of the things that they changed that I was most surprised about is how Katniss got the Mocking Jay Pin. Overall I really enjoyed the movie and can't wait to buy it when it comes out. It is a movie that is best seen on the big screen for the first time. Let me know what you think after seeing the movie. 

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I also really liked the movie.  I liked the additions they made (stuff Katniss wouldn't see).  But was a little sad about some of the things they took out or changed.  Though none of it changed the story, it was just things I had liked.

I think I will like it a lot more seeing it a second time, now that I know of the changes and I can just go and enjoy the movie for what it is, and not for the little changes.

I don't know that I'll ever go to another midnight screening of a movie again.  Way too many screaming teenagers dressed in PJ's that were simply out of control - and stuck waiting 2 hours with them.  About 3/4's of my IMAX theatre was these teens, painful.

I saw the movie twice so far.  I enjoyed it very much.  Many things were changed from the book for the movie, mostly because the book was in the first person which makes it difficult to convey background information.

Some Mild Spoilers below:

When Katniss is about to saw through the branch that the tracker jacker's nest is on, the television hosts gives the audience a reminder of what Tracker Jackers are.

When Katniss is burned and needs salve, you see Haymitch talking to sponsors to get Katniss the salve.

Some major spoilers/changes are...

Instead of sending bread to Katniss after Rue dies, the citizens of district 11 start a major revolt with mass protests and police brutality.

When the above happened, Haymitch approaches the chief gamesmaker, Senneca Crane, and suggests that they give the audience something to root for like young love.

At the end of the movie the capitol makes Senneca Crane take the berries.

Just saw the movie, and I loved it.  There are some changes and things left out because of time constraints, but it was still very good and told the story well.  Two thumbs up for me.  

Hi All:

I LOVED the movie. I did not mind that they took out somethings, because they added some things that I thought were done well! I took my husband to see it, he did not read the books, but really liked the movie. He really like Woody Harrelson as Haymitch.

I think the movie appealed to me because of the fine writing in the books. Everything I pictured about the book came through in the movie, Each character was just as I pictured, as was Panem. My only wish is that they would have shown more about the design team, I really would have liked to see the bizarre skin colors and make up. All and all this is BY FAR the best book to movie I have every seen. Plus, it was nice not having my husband call it a "chick flick"!


I liked the movie too. Really loved the outfit on fire when they were being paraded. The scene with firing the arrow through the apple was excellent too.

I did in one way like how we saw people rebelling, district 11, in the movie. However, that's going to make a problem in the next movie for the victory tour. They can't really go there now and that was a big scene. We're not supposed to find out about rebellions until the second book but that doesn't bother me really. Also, since they didn't give her the bread though the connection to 11 isn't as strong as in the book.

I didn't like how Cato reacted when he was holding Peeta with Katniss pointing an arrow at him. He sounded defeated not the Cato I envisioned.

Haymitch talking to Crane seemed really odd to me too. Like it really shouldn't happen because the gamemakers wouldn't take advice from anyone from the districts in my opinion.

A final thing was I didn't feel the star crossed lovers was played up enough. Which is an important part of the series.

I did like the movie alot though even if I sound like I'm complaining a bunch :)

I want to see it again!

Just read in the newspaper that Catching Fire will be filming here in Hawaii on the island of Kauai this winter!! Exciting!!!



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