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I picked up my ticket for the midnight showing!  Anyone else gotten their tickets yet?

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I'm too old by that. I wish they had a 6am showing. :)

I have tickets for midnight premiere on 21st March in Czech Republic.

Tickets in Brno (Central Europe) are for 169 CZK (~ 9 USD):

I'm looking forward to seeing it finally. I read some reviews and it should work in movie very well:

It's morning. I saw Hunger Games 6 hours ago and am still full of it. They made it perfectly.

I will go on Saturday again with my parents, brother and sister-in-law. I'm looking forward to seeing theirs reactions. The most on my brother's reaction who hasn't read it yet.

Totally agree. I thought it was great. They changed a couple of things but nothing that really upset me. I think people who read the books and people who didn't read the books will enjoy it.

My wife and I are going on opening day (Friday night). It's also our 5-year wedding anniversary, so we have a babysitter.


We rae going tomorrow afternoon Sunday 3/25

Just saw it less then 40 minutes ago and still coming down from the adrenaline rush.  Was going to wait till next weekend but there was no way I could. Went alone because my husband wouldn't come, kind of glad I did.  He would have ruined it, tends to analyze movies too much.  If you haven't seen it you will love it, I am sure  



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