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This topic is now open to discuss ANYTHING within Book 1 of the Hunger Games Series titled "Hunger Games."  Please do not share anything beyond book 1 in this topic.

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Finished Hunger Games book 1 last night!!!!


I don't know how Andy totally predicted the end of Book 1 and was disappointed.


I mean, I figured that Katniss & Peeta would make it out alive.  I figured there would be a Love Triangle between Katniss, Peeta, & Gale.


However, my original thought was that we would have seen the "rebellion" start before the Games Ended, assuming that there will be a rebellion.  (I don't know ANYTHING beyond book 1).


I didn't see the "rule change" coming to allow two victors.

I didn't see the "change to the rule change" taking it back.


I had originally hoped that Gale might find a way to enter the Arena...  Or that many of the tributes would ban together and refuse to kill each other.


I loved Book 1 and am looking forward to recording about it later today with Stephanie and moving on into Catching Fire.

I loved every minute of this book. I could actually hear my heart beats when Katniss was in the arena and her life was in danger.
Great book! I just finished it and am already on Chapter 3 of the second book in the series. Thanks Cliff and Stephanie for introducing me to the trilogy. I never would have read these books without your recommendation. (see you Monday in NYC).
Glad to have turned you on to such an wonderfully written story.
Congrats! I can't wait to hear your and Stephanie's thoughts in the podcast. I won't say anything about books 2 or 3 other than since I am rereading the trilogy for the podcast (I'm 26% done with Mockingjay), I'm curious how MY opinions on them might have changed. I originally read 1 and 2 indivdually (as I had to wait for them at the local library) and then 3 when it was released. Reading them back to back to back certainly offers a different perspective as details I might have previously forgotten about are at close and familiar again.
I'm glad you finished the first book.  I'm up to chapter 11 of Catching Fire in my re-read of the series.  Suzanne Collins is good at making the unexpected  happen.

I just downloaded Catching Fire.  Going to try to hold off on starting it for a while though. May try to finish the book that I had all ready started when I switched to read The Hunger Games.

Like Murray, I never would have read these books without your recommendation.  I remember seeing Mockingjay in the bookstores last summer and wondering what all the hoopla over that book was about.  Just reading about it on the book jacket didn't intrigue me at all.  Now I can't wait to finish them all!

This is so awesome for me to hear. I love when I am a part of introducing people to something that they end up loving.  Thank you for sharing!

Finished book 1 last night.  Listened to all 5 podcasts today while I was cleaning (thanks...made it much more enjoyable)

I had thought  that Katniss and Peeta would live, and wasn't surprised at the first rule change.  However I  did not see the second rule change coming.  I thought it was very clever how they ended up both being the victors.  Can not wait to read book 2...but there is too much going on this weekend and if I download it I know I do not have the will power to not read it through to the end!  :)


I enjoyed listening to the podcasts - and I really liked listening to the predictions that Stephanie and Cliff made knowing how the book ended.


So glad you enjoyed the book.  I agree, I didn't see that 2nd rule change coming.

I'll have to go back and re-listen to the episodes and see what predictions we made along the way.  I'll probably go back and listen to them after I read all three books. :)


Have a blessed weekend!

I think the second rule change just shows how brutal the Capitol really is.
So I'm just curious, can Prim still be selected for a future Hunger Games in a future Reaping since Katniss volunteered to replace her in the last one? I don't remember if this was addressed in the first book. I could see this happening and then Katness again volunteering to replace her. Although, I would hope this is not what happens in Book 2. That would seem to be something that happens in a bad movie sequel. I much rather hope that the mythology expands into a big rebellion lead by Katniss and Gale. (remember this is just speculation as I haven't read Book 2 yet so please no spoilers in your responses)



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