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Shows the reaping with Prim's name being drawn and Katniss volunteering, then shows various shots of the events leading up to the game.  It ends with the countdown for the games to start and Katniss picking up the backpack.


I hope they show it when I go to see Breaking Dawn late Thursday night.



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Found this on YouTube:

It looks really good. It looks darker/bleaker than I thought it would be. Which is good.


Wayne, Lionsgate said it would be attached to Breaking Dawn, so you should be able to see it on the big screen!

I am totally loving it. I heard the trailer would be before Breaking Dawn. I won't be seeing that until Saturday morning ( :( ) but I hope its there.

I'm looking forward to Breaking Dawn, but not looking forward to waiting for the 2nd half of the story.  *BitterSweet*

I watched this and really loved it.  Can't wait to see it on the big screen. 

Loved the trailer, hope the movie is just as good.  I thought it was a good introduction for people who haven't read the books.  I got a couple people in my office interested in it.

No trailer for me at Breaking Dawn :(

Bummer.  How was Breaking Dawn?

I liked Breaking Dawn alot.



I edited the part below you liking it.   I just want to avoid spoiling the story for anyone who had not seen it yet.


So glad you enjoyed it.  I am looking forward to seeing it Sunday.

Looks AMAZING.  (Though on second viewing, I noticed that most of the shots of Katniss involve her turning her head sharply to look at something or someone.  Dramatic for the trailer, of course, but let's hope she doesn't get whiplash!)

I think this is a great trailer. The scene of Katniss and Peeta sitting on the rooftop looks great. Cannot wait to see it in the movie. Does anyone know how many total movies there will be? 3 or 4? Thanks.



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