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1. I used to be able to see how much space was left in my hard drive when I clicked on the folder but it doesn't show up anymore...any idea why or how to get it back?  

2. How do I get all of my folders to format the same way?  Some show folder alphabetically, others do it by most recently changed..


I used to be able to resize the size of the icons on the icon view of folders with the small slider on the bottom right it's gone.  Sup with that?!

Screen shot example - 

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You can get it back. Look in my thread on Lion. At the end I have posted tutorials and tips. One of those tells you how to turn it back on.
Just different defaults I think Try View/Show Status Bar
Geoff's links took care of me.  Thanks everyone.
I'm glad this post was here, because I KNOW I'll need it next week when I get Lion. Thanks.



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