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The new Kindle models are out, they range in price from $79 to $199.  For $79 there is a model called the Kindle, for $99 there is the Kindle Touch Wifi, for $149 there is the Kindle Touch 3G, for $99 there is the Kindle Keyboard wi-fi, for $139 there is the kindle keyboard 3G, and for $199 there is the color kindle fire.  Details in the link below.


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Indeed. The community rocks!

Awesome...glad I could help!


Now let's talk about 3G vs. wifi.  Personally, I think 3G is a waste of money for the Kindle.  I assume you have a wireless network set up in your house.  Internet access on the Kindle isn't as crucial as it would be on an iPod or similar device.  You need to access the internet periodically to download books, but you aren't going to be using it all of the time. Therefore, it isn't necessary to pay extra for a device that will give you internet access no matter where you are. 


The 3G version is a good choice only for those who don't have regular access to a wireless network. 


There have been enough times where I was out and about and I wanted to forward a blog post to my Kindle and didn't want to have to go in and sign in via wi-fi for it to deliver it.


Also, there were a number of times when I was out with someone, had my Kindle with me, they told me about a book, and I wanted to see if it was available on my Kindle and and buy it then but there was no wi-fi where I was.


I have a wi-fi Kindle 3 and LOVE IT.  I would say that I could certainly "get by" without the 3G. But let me tell you... As far as I am concerned... A Kindle is Worth more than $1,000 to me personally.  I read a BOAT LOAD OF BOOKS that inspire me and cause me to think bigger.


I am excited to get the 3G.  I even love it that when I'm cruising to San Juan, The Bahamas, etc, that I'll be albe to shop for and download some new books on the go without the need for wi-fi.


Good call Cliff.  I can see why 3G would be beneficial for you and the situations that you are in.
I am suppose to be getting the $79.00 Kindle on Wednesday.  It is a Christmas present for my husband.  I don't think the ads are going to bother him that much, since they are gone once he starts reading a book.   If they do I can always switch and give him the older one I already have. Personally the cover doesn't bother me that much and I need the extra money for other things.   I do think that Amazon should be clearer when they talk about special offers though.

Kim, they're already shipping?  I thought they came out in November...or is that just the Kindle Fire?

Andy, the lowest price one is available NOW.

I really wish it wasn't.


;)  Temptation!!

Yeah, I fell for the temptation fast, could of had it the next day but didn't want to pay for shipping cost,

If I was buying for me I would snatch up the $79 but it is for my Mom and I don't want to have her deal with the adds (no matter what).


The response about prices from Amazon:

I. Regarding the advertising of Kindle prices:

Thanks for your comments about advertising the Kindle prices. We'll consider your feedback as we plan further improvements. Customer feedback like yours really helps us continue to improve our store and provide better service to our customers. Thanks for taking time to offer us your thoughts.

Hi everyone!

I am excited that my wife is finally jumping on the e-book bandwagon, and we are looking at purchasing a Kindle soon. What are the pros and cons of the Touch Wifi version ($99) or the keyboard Wifi version (also $99)? Will there be a benefit to having one interface or the other (apps, etc.)?

Thanks for all the useful info about the Kindle and accessories!

I have the 2nd generation Kindle with keyboard and I find note taking difficult, so I don't do it very often.  If I did it more it might get easier.  I know that Cliff writes notes all the time.  I got the $79.00 model and I like it but it is definitely limited.  There really aren't any apps on the Kindle so it is really going to come down to whether she likes a physical keyboard or on screen.



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