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The new Kindle models are out, they range in price from $79 to $199.  For $79 there is a model called the Kindle, for $99 there is the Kindle Touch Wifi, for $149 there is the Kindle Touch 3G, for $99 there is the Kindle Keyboard wi-fi, for $139 there is the kindle keyboard 3G, and for $199 there is the color kindle fire.  Details in the link below.


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Below are the thoughts I emailed to Amazon.  (Since I have an iPad and use the Kindle app I could not justify buying one for myself and don't really see a need.)


I think you have done a good job with your new Kindle options.  However, I am not happy with how you are advertising the prices.  You are listing the "with special offers" price which is $30 less.  Please change your advertising to say "Starting at $79, $99 and $149."  No where on the main page or the Kindle page does it say anything about the price being "with offers."  It just seems misleading to me.  I'm a loyal Amazon Prime customer and have been using Amazon for years.  I think this is poor and misleading. 

I would love to get my mother the regular Kindle and $79 (plus protection plan) would, barely, fit in to my Christmas price range for her.  But $103 (plus protection plan) would not.  I don't want her to have adds.

I pre-ordered my Kindle Touch 3G with special offers.  I'm actually looking forward to the ads instead of the horrible and boring screensaver images that I've had since I've had my Kindle.
Changed my mind, see below:

I agree with the poor terminology on the "special offers."


But I'm seriously considering the $79 model.  I have the Ipad and don't mind reading on it, but there are times when it's just not easy to do.  Like on the deck of my cruise ship earlier this year...  

Having the Ipad I don't want to spend a lot, but $79 isn't unreasonable.

I just listened to the latest Family From the Heart.  From what was said in the episode it sounds like Cliff accidentally pre-ordered the Touch 3G with special offers instead of the Touch 3G without the ads.  He was listing the special offers model prices.

Not mistake.  It was on purpose.


I am looking forward to the ads.  It's only on the screen saver and a bar at the bottom of the main menu.  Honestly, I am RARELY on my home menu and I am looking forward to something other than the boring screen savers that they have had.

Changed my mind, see below. :)

I've had a change of heart on this matter.  While I was FULLY AWARE of the difference in prices between the ad supported and the ad free versions, I thought I would be just fine with the ad supported items.

Again, I hate the boring screen savers that I am forced to look at and would prefer to see an ad for other great books or products that are similar to what I normally purchase on Amazon on my screen saver or at the bottom of the menue that I rarely ever see.


But then I saw this...


It's not just Kindle product related ads....




I was really hoping it would be more like product recommendations of books that I could read on my Kindle or recommended products based upon my order history.  These are just any ad where they companies paid enough money to have an ad placed.


As a result, I canceled my $149 Kindle Toucgh 3G order and I upgraded to the $189 Kindle Touch 3G without ads version.


I'd rather pay $40 ONE TIME to avoid seeing credit card ads on my Kindle.


NOTE: I don't think the ads will rotate as shown in the image above.  However, even if the ads were a single static image each time the menu loads, I simply don't want to see ads for credit card offers.  Simple as that!


Geoff, I do agree that they should add the words "starting at..."  to the sales pages!

Cliff, I wish I would have shown you my Kindle W/Special Offers this weekend. 




As you can see by the image above, the ads are very unobtrusive.  And you're right...the ads don't rotate as shown in the image.  In addition to the small ad at the bottom of the home screen as shown, you get a full page ad when you turn the Kindle off.


Why do I love my Kindle with Special Offers?  Because of the offers.  Sure, there are credit card offers, AT&T ads and some others that I could care less about.  But there are also tons of great ads that I have been able to take advantage of.  For example:


$20 Amazon card for $10 (multiple times)

$5 off a $10 Amazon purchase (multiple times)

$5 in free Amazon MP3 downloads

Any Amazon MP3 Album for $0.99

Buy any Kindle best seller and get a free $10 Amazon credit

$10 off any video game at Amazon

$1 for a Kindle Book (have gotten this offer MANY times)

25% off a digital camera (got a great deal on a camera I was going to buy anyway)

$40 off a printer

20% off select laptops (even included a Macbook)


and many, many more. 


I feel like I got a steal with my Kindle.  I paid less than the people who don't get the offers, and I get so many great offers.  I think it was a mistake for you to cancel your order. 

Wow, now I want the Kindle for those offers, while I'm sure there are plenty of duds, it sounds like there are many promising ones too.

Point well made!

I've just canceled my $189 version and changed it back to the $149 version.    Those offers are exactly what I was hoping for.  They should have those rotating in their images on the site...  


Okay, so if I get those kinds of offers, i can deal witha  few AT&T ads.


Thanks Jon!

Good call bro.  Those ads will PAY for the Kindle given how people like you and I already spend money with Amazon.  We'd end up spending less overall. Gotta love a community!



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