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This is a great teen/adult book series.  The author did an assembly at the kids' school and that was how we found it.  Since then, My second son has gone to book signings and the author will sign any of his books, whether purchased at the signing or somewhere else.  He also wrote a book aimed at tween age kids called the candy shop wars.

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Yes, I've read these, and I really enjoyed them. He has another newer series out called something like The Beyonders but I haven't read it.

Here's my review from GoodReads for the first book.

"I wasn't sure what to expect from this book, but I really liked it. It had a unique setting and the characters were very real, especially the sibling dynamic. Overall this is a fun book with good characters and fantasy elements."

The second book of The Beyonders is out now. I'll let you know about it once I can get it away from my kids. This is going to be a very unique series.

I finished both Beyonders books recently. They had a good tone and a fun story.



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