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I've been rereading all Harry Potter books in anticipation of the last movie coming out this summer.
When I first read the books I started with book 3 (Prisoner of Azkaban). We had to read a Harry Potter book for school. I had no idea what Harry Potter was at the time (this was back in 2001 or 2002) and didn't actually know I had picked up the third book. Through my reread I've realized this is the first book in the series that is really hard to put down. The first 2 are good, but the third is great! 

I've also realized that book 5 (Order of the Phoenix) is really hard to get through. First of, it's long and second, mopey Harry is really hard to sympathise with. A book where you can't sympathise with the hero is a hard read, at least in my opinion.

What's your favourite book in the series?

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Oh, I know, it just irks me. Plus I'm fairly sure it was Professor McGonagall who gave out the punishment there... but I could totally see her being harder on her own house. But given the circumstances I think the danger should've made the punishment worse than it was.


I preordered the forthcoming Dear Mr. Potter tonight. The book looks AWESOME and I love reading stories of how the books have touched people's lives.

I just watched the series in movies for the first time a few weeks ago.  I had tried them, but it just didn't click with the first movie and then I was the 3rd (I thought I had seen the 2nd but had no recollection of any of it when I did watch it).  I started to get sucked into it with Prisoner of Azkaban and I was hooked from there.  After that I decided I needed to read the books and am 100 pages into Goblet of Fire.  I'm loving the series on the surface of it and as I learn more about the literature (using names as symbols and the intricacies of how the story is woven together) of the books I'm loving it even more.

The Potter books are now available on the kindle!!


How do I get them?

The Amazon website or

Pottermore has a deal where you can buy the whole set, I don't know if they had that on the Amazon website.  Books were $7.99 - $9.99 each

Here is a link to the Pottermore store

They are also on the front page of Amazon at the moment.

Wow!  This is SO AWESOME!

I just purchased the complete set and the are ON MY KINDLE :)

My favourite is DEFINITELY the last one - mainly because Harry finally defeats Voldemort, but also because the trio are alot more grown up and moving away from the anguish of being a teenager.

Number 4. I too have read all the books both myself and to my kids. They loved Harry! We got to go to a book signing with JK Rowling and she was nice as pie! My son asked her if she was Harry;s mother....she laughed and told him that was the best question ever! Problem was we had to wait months to years for the next book to come out!





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